When Producing Juliet went to London

This time last week, we were gearing up for our world premiere at the inaugural Raindance London Web Fest – what a night!

Tina Cesa Ward, writer/director, and cast members Jenny Grace, Rachael Hip-Flores and Alisha Spielmann made the trip over where they spent a week with producer Rochelle Dancel making memories and new friends all over London town.

You can find an album of some our favourite pictures of the trip here on our Facebook Page. In the meantime, here are some of our favourite memories.

Alisha Spielmann makes a call

Tina Cesa Ward

It was my last full day in London, we had our premiere the night prior and also a fantastic evening together celebrating. Alisha and I saw the phone booth and of course a picture was needed. We had spent our trip touring the city together and we often took advantage of taking Alisha’s picture in fun situations all around London. This was the last one in that series of photos and truly the best one. It conveys the fun we had in London while showing off the reason we were so happy to be there, “Producing Juliet.”

Team Producing Juliet in Chinatown

Jenny Grace

So, without imparting the totality of my cellphone drama while in London, there was a point in which I could not even take photos with my sad little Android. This became a enormous joke among the PJ crew, as at random intervals they would encounter a large flash and then several seconds of ratcheted clicks as I would stubbornly use my purchased polka-dotted DISPOSABLE CAMERA to capture the memories, the precious precious memories. Here is a photo I did not take of us all in Chinatown. My camera is still developing…apparently one should plan more on the 5, rather than the 3 in 3-5 days developing time….

Rachael Hip-Flores on the night bus

Rachael Hip-Flores

I’ve gotta say, this pic sums up a pretty fantastic night. After an evening of visiting both the Rosetta Stone and my old college flat, I got to experience the glory of a proper Brick Lane korma with Rochelle, Alisha, and Jenny. I’d never been to the spot, and walking down a street where everyone is offering amazing deals on delicious food is something of a dream come true. This pic was taken on a night bus (conducted, in my mind, by Stan Shunpike) at the end of an extremely satisfying meal in the company of some dem fine folk :)

The Churchill War Rooms

Alisha Spielmann

One of my favorite memories was getting to go to into the Winston Churchill War Rooms. I’ve always been fascinated with World War II, and my grandpa fought in that war, he was on the front lines of Normandy and was Gen. Patton’s personal driver, so getting to go down under to where all those important decisions were made by Winston Churchill and his colleagues, at a time when those decisions would consequently affect my grandpa as a US soldier in Europe as well as the entire world, was just really incredible.

Jenny Grace and Rochelle Dancel 'in conversation'

Rochelle Dancel

This is Jenny Grace and I being goofy in a restaurant during dinner on our last night that we were all together. What you can’t see is that there were rather a large group of us, including B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye’s Regan Latimer, Jonathan Robbins from Clutch and Out With Dad, and a boisterous contingent of our friends. And that pretty much characterised the week – bonding, laughing and drinking with friends and peers, old and new.